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visit Picchio in his Atelier Corporate-Art  of Picchios exhibittion and Meeting in Osaka,Japan 2007 Picchios exhibition at the Art Fair Dubai 2005 Picchios installation with Beams-on-Stage TV-Kristal-Hart abaout Picchios exhibition in New York art+fashion show Ferrara with paintings by Picchio
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Corporate-Art exhibition in Interroll with Picchio Art-Symposium and art exhibition with Picchio video-art-Conveyance by Picchio Picchios atelier in Arcegno /Ticino-Switzerland
exhibition-New-York-08 Corporate Art in Interroll with young contemporary artists: Rebecca+Nataly
impressions of Kyoto/Japan  filmed by Picchio impressions of New York filmed by Picchio

There are more than 60 video to see in this site, just click on the icons // Es gibt ber 60 Videos auf dieser Seite zu sehen, klicken sie einfach auf die Ikonen. //
Ci sono pi di 60 video per vedere in  questo sito, basta cliccare sulle icone. // Il ya plus de 60 vido pour voir dans ce  site, il suffit de cliquer sur les icnes.

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